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From The Desk Of Brandon Miller
Sacramento, CA
There is NOTHING that kills moral more than a Bad Boss. 

And there is NOTHING that engages a workforce more than a Best Boss.

But Best Bosses aren't born -- they are trained. 

Sadly, 90% of Senior Leaders DON'T TRAIN THEIR MANAGERS on how to ENGAGE their employees. Which is why...

Only 35% of employees are ENGAGED and


And that is just the beginning of the problem. 

Low Engagement TANKS Your Bottom Line

75% of voluntary turnover is due to a bad boss.

Replacing an employee costs 2x that employee's annual salary...without even touching on the impact on productivity.

Your business simply CAN'T AFFORD BAD BOSSES.

But there is hope.

Trained Bosses Deliver AMAZING Results

25% Increased Profit

35% Increased Productivity

30% Fewer Safety Incidents

50% Better Retention

And a Great Place To Work


So let's kick bad management to the curb and create a workplace with best in the world bosses!

To Better Bosses,
Brandon Miller
CEO, 34Strong

Best Manager Academy

BMA is a manager training program designed to:

 Develop your new managers

Remediate your struggling managers

Super-charge your strongest managers! 

The course offers practical tools, such as the CliftonStrengthsFinder Assessment and Q12 Engagement Survey, so your managers have EVERYTHING they need to IMMEDIATELY increase Employee Engagement.

Each Manager will discover their workplace strengths and learn to bring out the strengths of their employees.
Your Managers will leave with the tools and mindset to become the Best Manager their employees have ever had. 

And your bottom line will rise to match.

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Choose a training session that matches your schedule and budget

Build a Great Workplace TODAY

Virtual Sessions

Plug your managers into a virtual course. They will leave with practical tools to increase Employee Engagement in 12 target areas.

four 2-hour virtual trainings
Vistage Price
  • Open Enrollment
  • ​CliftenStrengths Assessment Provided
  • ​You Print Training Materials

Hosted BMA

Send your managers to a BMA hosted by one of your vistage colleagues

2-Day In-Person Workshop
Vistage Price
  • 60-min post-workshop coaching session to help managers create a personal action plan
  • ​CliftonStrengths Assessment
  • ​Includes Participant Materials
  • ​Open Enrollment, 10 Participant Minimum
  • ​(If you want to host, provide space for 30 participants + food/beverage and receive two seats free! Contact us to find out more)

Custom Sessions

Fully customized to YOUR TEAM and YOUR NEEDS

2-Day In-Person Workshop
Vistage Price
  • Pre-workshop coaching session: CliftenStrengths introduction and coaching session
  • ​60-min post-workshop coaching session to help managers create a personal action plan
  • ​CliftonStrengths Assessment
  • ​Includes Participant Materials
  • ​You Host, 5 Participant Minimum
  • ​BONUS: 2 consulting sessions before and after the program to set specific goals and measure progress. By customizing this program to your organization, we can maximize retention and guide managers to support your culture and values.
Your people are ready.
Are Their Bosses?

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is 34Strong?
We are organizational consultants who use strengths-based training, coaching, and speaking to help organizations become a best place to work. We are committed to eating our own cooking, which is why the first strengths-based organization we ever built was our own! We are 34 Strong!
Who should attend the Best Manager Academy?
BMA is designed for people managers at all levels: Team Leads, Supervisors, Middle Managers, Senior Managers, Directors, and even Executive Leaders.
Do I have to attend an in-person session?
We have online sessions and in-person sessions. If you want to attend an in-person session, you can attend one hosted by a vistage colleague or you can host one yourself. 
What if I just want to send just one manager through the program? 
We have a space just for them :) You can have as many or as few attend as you need.
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